恢复和保护澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的土地. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的未来的

“We cannot turn back time, but we can grow forests, revive water sources, and bring back soils. We are the generation that can make peace with land,” 2024年世界环境日.

为了纪念 2024年世界环境日,联合国环境规划署紧急呼吁采取行动 一代恢复 在三个优先事项上找到全球共同点:

  • 恢复土地
  • 结束沙漠化
  • 安全的水

We are committed to tackling climate change and biodiversity loss – two of the biggest challenges of our time  – because we know that supporting a healthy environment is critical to the health of people, 社会, 这个星球. 自然资源, 以及人类从自然中得到的好处, 也对澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的药品生产和工厂运营至关重要吗. 

通过 水管理 and reforestation we're taking action to help restore landscapes and enhance ecological resilience. We are also collaborating with our peers in the pharmaceutical sector to develop a new 制药行业的自然积极路线图, to accelerate the business contribution towards the societal goal of nature positive.


通过 阿兹森林, we are working in partnership with experts focused on landscape restoration and local communities, 到2030年,在六大洲种植和维护2亿棵树. 阿兹森林专注于天然林恢复, 恢复退化农地, 和农林. 项目的设计是为了使重新造林的共同利益最大化, 包括:支持可持续生计, 建立当地的气候适应能力, protecting and restoring biodiversity and reducing the risk of natural disasters, 比如洪水和山体滑坡.

Learn more about 阿兹森林, our global reforestation and biodiversity programme


In India, we will plant and maintain an estimated 64 million trees, in collaboration with Earthbanc, Earthtree, Worldview Impact (India) and Hill Farmers Shiitake Mushroom Co-op Society. 的 regenerative horticulture and agriculture project will plant many of the indigenous tree and plant species suitable for farmers to sustainably produce foods, 纤维, 还有精油.

该项目是一个网络中最大的 循环生物经济联盟's (CBA) “Living Labs for Nature, People and Planet”, a series of initiatives that follow a 框架 可持续, 弹性和适合当地的景观再生, 由欧洲森林研究所(EFI)共同开发, CBA和澳门在线赌城娱乐. Innovative AI technology and will enable monitoring of 阿兹森林 India tree planting targets, and in line with the UNCCD Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) Global Mechanism, 生物物理指标,如生物量, 土壤有机碳, 土地生产力和土地覆盖也在监测之中.

This is a wonderful example of private sector leadership and joined up thinking in land stewardship. Earthbanc and its partners are fighting climate change and delivering for people and the land at the same time. 的 project’s strong focus on developing sustainable value chains that ensure farmers’ livelihoods will also mean land degradation stops as land cover, 生产力和土壤有机碳均增加. 每个人都受益!

露易丝·贝克 Managing Director of the Global Mechanism of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification (UNCCD)


在非洲, 在加纳中部, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐正在和CBA合作, 新一代种植园技术援助(NGPTA)和其他合作伙伴, 要种植,确保生存4.700万棵树. By the end of 2023, this “Living Lab”, had engaged 23 communities and planted over 3.800万棵树. Our science-led approach includes analysing environmental DNA (eDNA) in water samples to track the impact of natural forest restoration on freshwater biodiversity in the region.

阿兹森林 Ghana will contribute to this year’s Green Ghana Day goal to plant 10 million trees across the country. 

更多关于澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的AZ森林项目的信息 肯尼亚2023年计划扩展.


保护水源对健康的环境至关重要. 通过 responsible management of water resources and enhancing water quality, we are safeguarding ecosystems and preserving water for current and future generations. 例如, 与印度环境保护基金会(EFI)合作, 澳门在线赌城娱乐印度金奈的员工帮助支持生物多样性和水资源, by:

  • 修复两个池塘和四个湖泊,占地180英亩, 淡水库存量增加2000立方米,蓄水能力提高100%. 这有助于补充半径10公里范围内的地下水位, 增强抗洪能力,控制水土流失.
  • 设立两个“海绵公园”进行收集, 过滤器, 并在暴雨期间储存径流, 减少洪水风险, 提高抗旱能力和水质.
  • 在学校安装两个雨水收集装置, promoting rainwater conservation and reducing dependence on municipal water supplies.

作为 水管理联盟 (AWS) we support the global movement to advance good 水管理 practices and are actively participating in Phase 1 of the AWS 冲击加速器计划,在澳门第一赌城在线娱乐位于金奈和班加罗尔的基地应对共同的水资源挑战. 通过 comprehensive catchment assessments and gap analysis reports we're laying the groundwork to meet the rigorous requirements of the AWS Standard.

Our Chennai and Bangalore sites have also embarked on local forestation efforts, 种植面积超过32,000棵本地树苗. 这个活动, 它增加了四英亩的绿化面积, 支持减少空气和噪音污染, 创造碳汇,减轻城市热岛效应, is in addition to reforestation activities under our global 阿兹森林 programme.


今年的世界环境日, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐还想重点关注2024年领导2030挑战的获奖者, 致推动景观恢复和水资源管理的年轻领袖:

  • 通过他对地球日的领导.org Canopy项目, Ajay米塔尔, co-founder of Kolkata Clean Air and a climate advocate and changemaker from India, has enabled the planting of two million mangroves in the fragile Sundarbans ecosystem, 帮助恢复160公顷退化的红树林.
  • Dr. 以利以谢Lappots-Abreu, 国际健康视界(HHI)总裁兼执行主任, has directed high-impact community development projects including improving access to clean water through a water 过滤器 project, 以及在多米尼加共和国植树.

Lead2030 Challenge is the world’s largest prize fund for young leaders making an impact towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Both of our Lead2030 Challenge grant winners will each receive grants of US $50,为他们的卫生公平项目提供5万美元, a fully-funded Scholarship to the One Young World Summit in Montréal and a year of mentorship from our leaders to support their development.


  • 可持续性