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澳门在线赌城娱乐制药公司&D, the convergence of 数字 technologies with health is already starting to transform how we develop and deliver life-changing medicines to patients. From creating patient-centric clinical trials today to augmenting patient outcomes with 数字 health solutions tomorrow, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的长期愿景是重新构想以患者为中心的医疗保健.

The opportunity for 数字 health to radically improve human health and transform patient outcomes is incredibly exciting. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐处于这场医疗保健革命的最前沿, 以科学证据为基础, 数字, 纵向多组学健康数据和人工智能.

克里斯蒂娜•杜兰     首席数字健康官R&D、澳门在线赌城娱乐

We are currently at a tipping point where we have a unique opportunity to increase and embed the use of 数字 health solutions to help patients achieve better health outcomes and a better healthcare experience.

横跨肿瘤和澳门第一赌城在线娱乐,其中包括心血管,肾脏 & 新陈代谢和呼吸 & 免疫学, there remains a huge unmet need in treating people with a range of conditions which are often degenerative, 使人衰弱并危及生命.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a huge catalyst for change with an increased willingness by patients to use technology as part of their care and treatment regime.

结合硬件和设备的进步和软件能力的改进, new 数字 technologies are creating opportunities to deliver more for patients than previously thought possible.


临床试验是向患者提供新药的关键部分. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐一直在和病人一起努力理解 如何使临床试验对他们来说更容易, 从解决方案到帮助他们找到考验, 能够在家远程参与和提供数据.

In 2021, it is our ambition that 90% of our new studies will have a 数字 health strategy that is tailored to that trial and we are on track to meet this goal.

来帮助实现这一目标, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐正在与患者共同创造数字解决方案, 为所有参与者——患者——带来改善, 医疗专业人员和澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的同事. 

One of these 数字 solutions is our new clinical study support platform called Unify which is already part of several of our trials around the world. 它的好处包括: 

  • 数据收集: 满足病人的需要, 启用远程, 通过设备和应用程序实时收集数据, 在一些试验中,减少了门诊就诊的次数, 一点也没有
  • 可访问性: 使患者更容易找到、了解并加入适合他们的临床试验
  • 保留: 让病人参与整个试验

通过拥抱数字技术, we are reducing the need for patients to travel to trial sites and increasing the diversity of patients that participate in our trials. 通过持续的数据收集, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐也有可能获得新的更快的端点, 并且是实时的, giving clinicians a better understanding of how a medication impacts the disease and its interaction with an individual’s overall health. Ultimately, this will speed up the time to develop and deliver life-changing medicines for patients.


In order to improve patient health outcomes we know we have to think differently and more holistically. One way we are doing this is by combining our innovative new treatments with evidence-based 数字 health solutions, 包括数字生物标志物, 数字诊断和数字治疗.

  • 数字生物标志物 数字工具, 比如便携设备, implantables and wearables which objectively measure and evaluate patients’ biologic and pathologic processes or biologic responses to a therapeutic intervention (biomarkers).
  • 数字诊断 are software-driven connected technologies which detect or confirm the presence of a disease or condition of interest or identify individuals with a subtype of disease. It is hoped novel biomarkers based on software will help better define patients who will benefit from oncology treatments in multiple indications.
  • 数字疗法 健康和技术在哪里结合以增强传统药物. 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐目前在澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的治疗领域开发了几种数字治疗方法. 例如, we have designed a 数字 therapeutic for breast cancer that aims to monitor patients symptoms and vital signs and based on algorithms and expert rules, 提醒医生病人的治疗效果如何, 最大限度地提高安全性和效果

随着澳门第一赌城在线娱乐不断扩大澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的数字能力, it is crucial that every device and therapeutic developed is backed by rigorous scientific evidence which proves it has a direct impact on improving patient outcomes.


Our ultimate ambition is to reimagine healthcare – harnessing innovation to transform patients’ healthcare journeys to improve earlier diagnosis, 更精确的治疗和主动的数字监测,以获得更好的结果, 数字化驱动, 纵向数据与人工智能.

澳门第一赌城在线娱乐知道,澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的目标是治疗、希望预防、甚至在未来治愈的疾病是复杂的. 通过利用数字健康, we have the potential to drive the shift-change in healthcare that is needed to diagnose and detect disease sooner, 管理风险并帮助减缓或潜在预防疾病发作.

例如, 哮喘患者, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的目标是能够持续监测症状,并让护理团队和医生了解最新情况, 使用人工智能分析个人数据以识别触发因素, 比如哮喘发作, 并预测和预防未来的灾难. 使用这种方法, we hope to revolutionise how we engage with patients so they can get better control of their condition.

We are also working towards early detection for acute events such as heart attacks with the aim of allowing for quicker intervention ideally before damage is irreversible or the risk of other events increases.


澳门第一赌城在线娱乐在IT部门的同事一起, 数据科学与人工智能, 并通过战略外部合作, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐 已经建立了一个连接的基础设施的数字和创新的工具来转型, 精简和优化澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的内部工作. 到目前为止,澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的团队已经建立了:

  • 洞察平台, 控制塔的, 使用可视化分析来指导决策, giving our leaders and colleagues real-time access to the status of any study at their fingertips and predictive timelines using algorithms.
  • 一个数据和分析工具,优化和自动化的研究设计, 临床试验的计划和管理使澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的计划多样化, 高效有效的临床研究
  • 全国统一的临床试验管理制度, 基于云, 单, 数字化互联平台
  • 基于机器学习的 临床事件分类的判定 在心血管结局试验中
  • Digital enhancements to our Clinical Supply Chain to speed up trial set up and reduce trial waste
  • 超过100种设备的大目录, which have been assessed as clinically valid with positive patient experiences that support their use in clinical trials and beyond. Our evaluation has also ensured we aren’t using devices that do not deliver the required accuracy or patient experience.

同时加快澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的产品线, 这些技术使澳门第一赌城在线娱乐能够提高数据质量, reduce some manual activities by more than 50% while also reducing study costs by more than a fifth.

澳门第一赌城在线娱乐在R中嵌入的数字能力&D正在创造人与数据之间的无缝连接. 通过采用创新的数字解决方案, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐的目标是缩短临床周期时间,提供更好的患者体验.

Phillippa布朗 开发运营副总裁,R&D、澳门在线赌城娱乐


来认识一下推动数字健康革命、改变临床试验的先驱者吧, augment patient outcomes with ground-breaking 数字 solutions and reimagine healthcare for the future.


澳门第一赌城在线娱乐在数字卫生领域的创新与合作方法始于未满足的需求, 病人的意见是否集中, 以科学和证据为导向. We are creating an ecosystem of strategic partnerships – from promising tech start-ups to world-leading academic groups – with 55 already in place, 其中一些可以在下面探讨.








如果你有主意, 你认为可以帮助病人活得更好、更长寿的发明或创新, 澳门第一赌城在线娱乐想听听你的意见. 请联络澳门第一赌城在线娱乐: 数字-health@hltongfa.com

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